Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Out of the blue and into the light

Welp, its been a while since I have blogged my art work and this is entirely different than what I usually post up on my blog.  I have been occupied with running most of the time and trying to find myself through it.  So far I have taken part in 2 marathons within the space of a few months and will be taking part in the Connemarathon Ultra which will be taking place on the 10th of April. 

August 2015 onwards had been a rollarcoaster for me and I decided to concentrate more on the running and after the new year decided to give up the alcohol since it has caused so much negativity in the past and start training for the Ultra marathon, a challenge of 39.3 miles and in the countryside of Connemara and take part in more marathons throughout the year.

I have also started taken part in various parkruns since November. I found that it has really opened me up alot more to be more social and out going and making new friends every week :) I would love to thank my boyfriend Philip for getting me into the parkrun malarkey.

I have set up a facebook page called "All Roads Lead to Connemarathon Ultra April 10th 2016" showing my week by week progress of my ultra training plan and will be posting the outcome of the race.  Feel free to check out the link here:


So far its over 2 months since I gave up the alcohol and continuing to train hard and the long run every Sunday which now and again I have to drag myself out the door to do.

2016 a year that will be something more and great

"Make the impossible possible, what ever that is to you and what ever it is you want to achieve"
   Gerry Duffy

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